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Get to know us

LeanCraft is an innovative software studio.

We are an innovative, lean and agile software studio from Oulu, Finland. We take great passion in crafting sustainable software and inspiring digital services to be enjoyed by our established customers and their ecosystems.

Being Lean means that we strive to do the right things by eliminating non-value added activities. Being Agile means that we do things right by working in an iterative, incremental and evolutionary manner valuing constant communication and customer collaboration. The heart of our operations is the passionate, self-organizing people who want to make an impact to the digital revolution.

According to Standish Group, 50% of software features are rarely or never used. The studies also show that 20% of software features create 80% of the value. Our mission is to help our customers to identify, develop and deploy the most valuable features with built-in quality. This will create an instant value and more features can be incrementally crafted based on value justification.

Sustainable software and inspiring digital services.

We have two decades of experience in creating top-notch software and advanced digital services. We can help you to maximize your investment by identifying and creating the most essential features first, followed by fast deployment and value-based service evolution.

Software services

Our full stack experts create digital services including mobile and web applications, back end systems and related databases enabling smooth and reliable end-to-end functionality. Experienced LeanCrafters can manage all the relevant technologies found in the market.

Consulting services

Our consulting services include system and architecture specification, Product Owner services, Scrum Master services, Agile project management and Lean product development services. We can help you to do the right things, in the right way, with the right people.

Our principles

We build quality into the software by applying best lean and agile practices including test-first programming, continuous integration and automated build and testing. We release working software early and often, utilizing valuable feedback from customers and users.

We'll help you to gain competitive edge by building quality into your software and digital services right from the start.

Providing best possible value to our customers.

Our job is to minimize timeline from initial need to successful solution deployment by eliminating non-value added effort. Our customers are well-established leaders in their field who embrace Lean Thinking and Agile development. These companies include financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, industrials, telecom and media companies.

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We take great passion in crafting sustainable software and inspiring digital services to be enjoyed by our established customers and their ecosystems.

LeanCraft is constantly looking for new talent.

At LeanCraft, we love to work in a casual setting in small and self-organizing teams. We have an open, fair and supportive atmosphere encouraging people to become the best experts they can be.

What we offer...

  • Opportunity to work with other top-notch professionals
  • Friendly team welcoming new LeanCrafters
  • An open, fair and honest atmosphere
  • Inspiring projects with leading customers
  • Flat organization, no bureaucracy

What we need...

  • Software Developer (C++, protocol SW)
  • Senior Back End Developer (Java, Spring)
  • Senior SW Developer (node.js, JavaScript)
  • Software Developer (Embedded Linux, C/C++)
  • Software Developer (Qt 5.x / Qml, C++)
  • Software Developer (iOS and/or Android)

What we value...

  • Relevant prior work experience
  • Ability to think out of the box
  • Good social & team-working skills
  • Interest in Lean Software Development
  • Knowledge of working in Agile teams
  • Interest in new technologies and future trends

Got interested? Please send your application and resume to careers@leancraft.fi or contact Tommi Paananen. Positions will be filled as soon as suitable candidates are found.
We can't wait to hear from you soon!

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